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Booking a Studio

To sign a lease agreement for a studio at H83 you need to be registered as a student or a Phd-student at Maastricht University, Zuyd Hogeschool, Maastricht School of Management or any other University, HBO or MBO educational institution in the Netherlands. We will check this by means of your proof of enrollment. If you are not a (PhD) student (anymore), you can’t rent a studio at H83.

⦁ A declaration of enrollment from your educational institution 
⦁ A proof of acceptance at your educational institution 
⦁ A PhD-contract

Yes, you need a guarantor. We will give you the guarantee form.

My Studio

The maximum occupancy for a studio unit is one person. In other words, you are not allowed to live together with someone else in a studio.

The H83 team will take care of that, but please respect the communal areas, as we’re proud of what we’ve done with them.

No. To ensure the safety of all tenants, a general smoking ban applies in the whole building, including in the studios. The indoor use of e-cigarettes is forbidden as well.
Moreover, the use of drugs (soft/hard) in the entire residence is strictly prohibited and we have an absolute zero tolerance policy on this subject.

No, pets are not allowed.

Each resident at H83 has a private studio and therefore a personal mail address and a mailbox. The mailboxes are located at the entrance of the apartment building.

Getting around

Cycling is in Maastricht a very popular form of daily transport. H83 provides (unsecured) outdoor bike parking spots.

H83 is exceptionally close to all amenities (grocery stores, public transit, gyms, university, restaurants etc.) making the car impractical. There are just a few parking spaces offered at the estate; these on-site parking may be used only by tenants who have parking explicitly included in their tenancy agreement. Parking in the neighborhood is expensive, so we advise you not to bring your car.

Yes, you will find a bus stop at the Hertogsingel / Tongerseplein as well as at the Calvariestraat. For more information about the public transportation within Maastricht, please visit

Rent & service charges

The rent must be paid to us on the first day of the month (i.e. you pay in advance) via direct bank transfer.

You can apply for housing benefit if you are 23 years or older. The amount of the housing allowance depends on your personal situation. If you would like to find out whether you are eligible for housing benefit given your current income and rent, you can enter your information on Belastingdienst/Toeslagen, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration website.

Each year, the rent can be increased on the 1st of July. You will be notified of this before the 1st of May. The Dutch government determines the maximum percentage increase for the rent. The sum of service costs can also be adjusted. 

Yes, you must pay 2 months’ worth of base rent as a deposit. 

Energy costs are the costs for gas, water, and electricity. The monthly part made up by energy costs are an advance payment and based on an estimate of the expected use. These costs are settled once a year. Each studio has its own electricity and water meter. From this calculation, it shows whether you have paid too little or too much in the past calendar year. We will then pay back a sum or send a separate bill. The costs of gas is calculated proportionally. Services we and/or third parties provide are service charges. For example: cleaning of the building, (maintenance of the) intercom and, connection for WIFI. In your rental contract you will find which services fall under the H83 service charges.

Once a year every household in Maastricht will be asked to pay municipal taxes by the BsGW (municipal tax office). These taxes are not included in the service costs and these taxes are put toward the house’s sewage system and trash collection. You may qualify for a tax exemption. provides useful information on how to reprieve the municipal taxes.

What's included?

No, the studios at H83 are not furnished. The studios are however upholstered. This means that all studios are equipped with:

  • PVC Floor in the living/sleeping area and a tiled floor in the bathroom.
  • Curtain panels in the living/sleeping area
  • Ceiling lights

The private kitchen is equipped with a 2-plate ceramic cooktop, microwave and a built-in refrigerator with a freezer component. There are both upper and under cabinets. 

(Electrical) Kitchen appliances like fryers, fondue sets, rice cookers, etc. are not allowed in the studios. Moreover, it is prohibited to install additional electrical appliances, such as a fridge, a freezer, an air conditioner, an oven, etc., in the studio.

There are four laundry rooms located at H83. The usage of the washer & dryer is coin-operated (not included in the rent). Residents will be moreover responsible to supply their own laundry products.

Each studio is wired for a digital TV connection. You have to arrange a Ziggo subscription yourself. Our dedicated team is always on hand to help. Please note that cable TV is not available in any of the studios.

H83 is equipped with common WiFi. The costs of internet via the common WiFi is included in the price of the service costs. Log-in information to the internet network is provided upon check in.

Absolutely! We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so go get some posters, stick up your favourite photos on the designated spots in the studio and turn your room into a space you love to live in and feel at home. Just make sure it’s returned to us the way you found it upon checkin. If not, repair charges will apply.

Your tenancy agreement

If you are renting a studio at H83, you will need to sign a campus contract. When starting the contract, you need to be a student. This campus contract states that you may continue to rent the studio for as long as you remain enrolled as a student or PhD student at a university, hbo-school or an mbo-school. By signing the contract, you agree to move out within 6 months of ending your studies.

The rental agreement is signed for a minimum period of one year. 

We will provide a contract based on the ROZ (Raad voor Onroerende Zaken) model. On your request, we can provide you with a (non-officially translated) English translation of the contract. However, the Dutch version must be signed by both parties. 

The tenant is obliged to take out an insurance policy with an approved Dutch insurance company to cover their liability and to cover the contents against theft, fire and water damage. It is the tenant’s responsibility that their contents are properly insured.